Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hold my thighs

Sunday night
Home in Port Charlotte, FL

I spent most of the day doing yard work, while Kathy did laundry and put the house back together from being battened down for Ike. We had no damage here to speak of, however our next door neighbor Bob told us there were 60 MPH winds and we had excessively high tides. There was some erosion from the high tides that will be a lot of work for me to repair. It's not critical but it will be if I don't do some repair. I will have to add about a ton of rip rap, fill in with some 1" granite, then raise my beach with sand.

Today my NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals, beat the Miami Dolphins 31-10. I got to watch the game at home, since it was a Dolphins road game. It is the first time AZ has opened the season 2-0 since 1991. Gasoline was $1.09 a gallon and Tiger Woods won his first tournament at age 15. The Cardinals finished that year at 4-12 so I'm not getting too excited just yet.

I had taken two days off from my workout routine but got back into it tonight. I achieved a new milestone by running a full mile. My routine went: aerobic walk 1.7 miles, run 1.0 miles, walk .7 miles for a total of 3.4 miles in 60 minutes. I was really sweating it up tonight. Hopefully this Florida humidity will aid me in melting off the pounds. My MP3 music player was a great help but the bud phones in my ears kept falling out. It was soooooo distracting. After putting them in and having them fall out more than 10 times, I gave up on the music but never stopped running. I got some gift cards for my birthday and will use some to get a pair of actual headphones tomorrow. The music is a great motivator. This is the start of my third week of working out and eating better. For dinner tonight we had chicken, mashed potatoes and asparagus. I had very little potatoes, 2 thighs of chicken and when I was tempted to eat more. I actually thought there was only 1 left and when Kath asked if I wanted it I said yes. She dropped two more thighs on my plate and I looked at it and quickly said to just save these for lunch tomorrow. I just finished the asparagus instead. The old me could eat 8 chicken thighs in one sitting. Actually, the new me "could" but won't.

Monday I leave for the east coast of Florida. I'll be working in Fort Pierce, Stuart for 2 days and then Wellington, returning to Port Charlotte on Friday night.

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