Thursday, September 25, 2008

New notch in my belt

Home in Port Charlotte
High of 88, low of 68

Mornings have turned beautiful in Southwest Florida. It's amazing how quickly my body has adapted to the climate here. I started work at 7 AM on a golf course and was chilly riding around in the cart. The afternoons are still warm but the humidity is tolerable when it is less than the temperature. I have continued my daily exercise routine of 3.7 miles and although I am not running like I was last week, the aerobic walking has paid off.

Today marks my 4th week of eating less, eating right and exercising. When I started this I had gotten to 280 pounds. I weighed in today, on the same scale, at 265.5. It's not a miracle but it's a nice step in the right direction. My nephew Chris continues to be a source of support and inspiration. My bride even walked with me once this week and that was really nice. My goal by next summer is to reach 200. I wore some Dockers this week that previously I'd had trouble buttoning. No trouble this week, in fact . . . I pulled my belt into a notch I hadn't seen in a really long time.

We have a new named storm, as of 5PM est today. Tropical Storm Kyle has formed near Puerto Rico and Hispanola, just as I forecast on this blog three days ago. The great news is he is headed due north and will have very little impact on the U.S., and zero impact on Florida. The cone of uncertainty shows if it were to make landfall at all it would be north of Massachusetts. There will be no need to breakout the window boards again. The Hurricane season officially goes through October 31 but I am ready to take a knee and claim victory in our first season.

Saturday we are going to participate in a multi-family yard sale on our block. We have many things we've been waiting to yard sale and now the weather is right. If all goes well, maybe Sunday we can get out on the water for a much needed cruise. The tides will allow us to come and go at 6AM, 12 noon or 7 PM. Sounds like a perfect day for a brunch cruise. I have been fishing the canal out back occasionally but haven't had any luck. There's fish there, I see them everytime I'm out there. I'm just unable to hook any of them yet. Don't think I won't keep trying.

We have turned off the air conditioning tonight and will sleep with the windows open for the first time in 4 months.

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