Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Storms, food and fun

Delray Beach, FL
partly cloudy 85 degrees

Ike is a category 3 hurricane as of 8PM eastern tonight. There is no immediate threat to Florida. TS Hanna is likely to head toward northeast Florida or the Carolinas. TS Josephine is too far away to worry about.

Breakfast this morning consisted of raisen bran, a banana, a cup of apple juice and a cup of coffee.
Lunch was a ceasar salad with water.
Dinner was a subway low fat chicken and veggie sandwich on wheat bread, with a diet coke.

My workout was 40 minutes of aerobic walking, covering 2.1 miles. It was actually FUN. I am getting really motivated to keep this up. I hope this resolve is the same resolve I found nearly 2 years ago when I quit cigarettes, cold turkey.

I have a busy day of field inspections tomorrow but am looking forward to heading back to the Gulf side after work tomorrow.

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