Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me


65 degrees at wake up in Boyton Beach
High of 87, 80 at sundown on Key Largo

Key Largo Resort at Manatee Bay
Imagine my surprise when I arrived back at this property. I walked in to hear the manager telling a telephone caller there was a 3 night minimum and the rates were 269 per night. 3 weeks ago I was here and paid 99 bucks. He got done on the phone and welcomed me back and said, I can put you in the king suite for 139. DONE!
This is by far one of my favorite secrets in Florida. The tiki bar, pictured above, serves four dollar beer and makes great margaritas that look like ice cream floats. I spent quite a bit of time talking to an elderly couple from Indiana. They have a winter home in DeBary, where my brother in law Jim lives. These people were celebrating their 45th anniversary and they describe themselves as incurable Parrot Heads! They have seen Jimmy Buffett in person 4 times. Nice people. The man, Max, has been everywhere in Florida (just ask him) and he says next time you go there (where ever) tell the bartender Max sent you and you'll get a drink on him. Right.
Tonight's sundown was one for the ages, as you can tell by the twenty some pictures I loaded via time lapse. The water became completely flat, 20 minutes before sunset and it was a glory to God moment.
My brother Mike recently moved his boat from Lake Pleasant, AZ to San Diego, CA. We are both obsessed with catching the same fish. On this coast we call it a dolphin, in the Pacific they call it a Dorado. It is also known as a Mahi Tuna. The colors are un-freaking-believeable. Look one up. The head on that fish is like no other. Anyway, Mike and I have staged a little bet (just for bragging rights) on who can catch a Dolfin/Dorado/Mahi first. Mike says I have an unfair advantage because I only have to venture out 5 miles to find the schools of Dolfin, where he thinks he will have to go out 100 miles off shore. We are evening the odds by having side bets of catching a yellowfin tuna and a marlin. I guess my bride and I better find a boat.
We have plans to go to St. James City, near Pine Island, this weekend to look at a prospect.

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