Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hampton Inn Boyton Beach, Atlantic coast
63 degrees at 11:00 PM brrrrrrrrrr

I was actually chilly getting out of my truck. I have a branch audit scheduled tomorrow (Wednesday) in Delray Beach. I'm about 20 minutes away, so I can almost sleep in. I tried hard to bring my bride on this trip but she wasn't up for it. One of my colleagues was really looking forward to meeting Kathy and having a few drinks together, but it will have to wait for another time. I've been a road warrior for four months now and it takes some getting used to. After work tomorrow I will head to Key Largo for the night. I have a Thursday meeting in Homestead, picking up a corporate friend at the West Palm Beach Airport on Thursday evening, drive to the Hampton Fort Pierce and spend Friday in Stuart. I will try to track my miles and share it in my next post. Since my arrival in Florida on December 3, I have driven almost 12,000 miles in my company truck. Gas prices here are in the 3.60 range. The news showed a station charging 3.92. That is downright scary.

On my way across from the Gulf, I was struck by a harvest moon rising over the Atlantic. I had to pull over and shoot the photo above. My first view of the moon made it appear many times larger than this photo, but I had to wait to find a safe place to pull off the highway for the shot. I think it's so cool how much I notice the moon, the stars, the trees, the plants and of course the oceans since I have arrived here. It's sort of a re-awakening.

We have dismissed the idea of the boat called POETS in Paradise. A 1982 is just too old a vessel to inherit from a saltwater environment. Besides, the owner kept delaying our sea trials it made us suspicious that there were unresolved problems with the motors. We started looking at smaller but newer cuddy fishers. We went out and saw 2 of them priced under 20. They were pretty rough, I must say. Now we have our eyes on a 2002 Seamaster Walk Around Cuddy. It's a one owner boat, kept on a covered lift. The book value ranges from 22 to 25. The sellers are elderly. They had it advertised for 23, 850 but the woman told me on the phone that they are prepared to take 20. We're going to try to see it on Saturday.

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