Monday, April 14, 2008

Internal Affairs

65 degrees in Port Charlotte at 10:00 PM

Today I drove back to Jupiter, on the Atlantic coast. My bride was happy to join me and I enjoyed her company. We had to go help out a colleague who had received a bogus criminal traffic citation for allegedly allowing an unauthorized person to drive. Well, long story short the ticket was complete BS because the cop who issued it told my buddy that he was giving him the ticket because the driver had no ID and my buddy was the supervisor, even though the dumbass who drove our company truck and caused an accident, without permission to be driving. Well, there's this little thing called probable cause and "just cuz yer the supervizer" don't git it.

I tried to reason with the supervisor, a 24 year old fe-MALE Segeant. She politely heard me out and then said we'd just have to go to court to clear it up. That was unacceptable to me, so I told her we wanted to make a formal complaint to Internal Affairs. For crying out loud, the officer is charging this guy with a criminal misdemeanor without probable cause. I was prepared to make an excellent arguement for our side. We spent a couple of hours filing out paperwork and were told they'd "get back with us." Within an hour of leaving the PD, my buddy got a call from IA and the Lieutenant said the Captain who read my complaint wanted to get this ticket dismissed. He said they were sorry for the mistake and they would give us confirmation in a day or two, after they had the officer contact the court to void the citation. I love it when a plan comes together.

The red cross called and apologized for standing me up last Saturday. They are refunding the price of my class and as a token of their sincere apology (I'm not making this up) she said they would like to offer me a free first aid kit. Hell, I was so friggin mad on that day, they couldn't have pleased me if they had offered me my very own free ambulance. Anyway, that was the refresher course to prepare me for the instructors course this week. We leave tomorrow to spend the rest of the week in Fort Lauderdale. I will go to CPR school, Kathy will relax on the beach. Again, I love it when a plan comes together. I must have spent 2 hours online searching for an affordable hotel on the beach. I think I found one, but tune in here to find out.

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