Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's in a name?

75 at wake up in Fort Lauderdale

high of 87, home in Port Charlotte

I woke up this morning in FLDL intent on attending a CPR refresher course I had registered for. I was very upset when I found the Red Cross office closed and no other students there. After opening my lap top and confirming I had the date right, I concluded they must have cancelled the class without notifying me. So after wasting a night at the Hyatt in Plantation (nice place too) at least I got to head home.

Kathy and I went to see the '82 Sea Ray Sedan Bridge a day early. We wanted to examine it high and dry before going on a sea trial tomorrow. The good news is the fiberglass hull, motors and lower units appear to be very good. The cabin and the bridge is definately more a project than we hoped it would be. The price is right, though. The interior wood is only faded, not cracked or splittered. Some of the connectors and couplings are a little corroded from the salt exposure but these parts are highly available. There's a lot of messing about to do on this vessel.

Kathy asked the seller, Sherm, what the name means, because the periods through you off.

P.O.E.T.S. in Paradise

He said it stands for Piss On Everything Tomorrow's Saturday.

As long as the sea trial goes well, we will be interested. I still have to confirm bridge clearances in our new neighborhood.

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