Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sea Trial

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Home in Port Charlotte. Weather is now live at the bottom of every blog page.
Today, our boat sellers Carolyn and Larry arranged for their neighbor, friend and boat mechanic, Woody, to take us out for a sea trial in our newly purchased Seamaster 2600. It felt so good to be behind the helm again. We sold our last boat in November and six months is way too long for us to be landlocked.

The vessel handled very nicely. We cruised the intercoastal waterway for about 5 miles and we learned about navigation markers. Keep the green to port and the red to starboard. We learned how to read nav charts. There are some Gulf waters not far out where the sea floor drops to over 3,000 feet deep. HOLY S#^T.

We also learned we are going to have to modify our boat lift. The last photo shows our next door neighbor's boat lift with 2x8 bunk boards to support the boats chines. Above that is our lift with inadequate chock boards. We will leave the boat at Carolyn and Larry's house until we can modify our lift.
Below we are pleased to introduce our local weather for you to enjoy.

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