Thursday, April 10, 2008

Green Fields

Hampton Inn, Fort Pierce, 80 degrees

The furniture movers finally arrived today. There were some bad scratches on a few pieces and one end table actually had a small chunk taken out of it, but overall we are satisfied to have our belongings back in our custody. The auto mover called tonight and my bride's car will be in Port Charlotte tomorrow. It was nice seeing our stuff again and discussing where we will place things in the new house.

Today I had to cross from the Gulf to the Atlantic side for a meeting tomorrow. This is one of the easier crossings to make, because it is almost a straight shot across US 70. It is mostly a two lane hightway, but the roadsides are full of long, flat grassy pastures and grazing cattle. There are some farms advertising pick your own strawberrys. I think my bride would like doing that when she joins me on this trip. The photo above was taken along US highway 70.

We are growing more excited by the hour, at the thought of moving into the new house. We are also anticipating the showing of the Sea Ray Sedan Bridge boat we have in consideration. We have a sea trial scheduled for Sunday. I hope it looks and runs as good in person as it does in the photographs. The seller told me yesterday, he is very motivated to get it sold because he doesn't take it out and he's tired of paying dry storage fees.
Tomorrow I have a safety orientation for 45 people in the boating community of Stuart. Saturday I have a CPR/First Aid refresher course in Fort Lauderdale. Next week, I will spend 3 more days in FLD getting certified as a CPR/First Aid instructor. I am hoping my bride will make the trip with me and spend some time relaxing at the hotel and on the beach.

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