Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bye Bye Baby

Thursday, 1/24, West Palm Beach, 76 degrees

My bride headed back to Phoenix on Tuesday. Our visit together was great but I miss her, immediately. We had showings on the house last Friday and Saturday but nothing came from it. We had a new showing today. Our agent developed a prospect who he could represent as buyer and sellers agent. They looked at 5 houses and narrowed it down to 2. We are one of the two. The guy will bring his wife back to see the house on Saturday. If you are reading this, keep your fingers crossed or better yet, say a prayer. We need all the help we can get.

I am on the east coast for Wed/Thur/Fri and I head back to the Gulf tomorrow after work. I have to get up at 3AM to drive from Palm Beach County to Homestead, FL and be there by 530.

Yesterday I did something I haven't done in years. I exercised . . . on purpose. Despite going on 3.5 hours sleep, I finished my workday and was motivated to workout. I have said for many months; if I could re-harness the willpower that helped me quit smoking a year ago and use that mindset to work out, I might finally get a little control on my weight.

I swam laps in the hotel pool for 15 mins. I walked on the treadmill, 22 mins, 1.08 miles, burning 154 calories, followed by 10 more minutes of pool laps. When I work up this morning, my legs were quite sore but otherwise I felt good. Mentally, it was a great rush.

Tonight, I did 16 mins in the pool, 25 minutes, 1. 4 miles, burning 200 calories on the treadmill. Woohoo. Lunch was sushi and dinner was flame grilled chicken.

During work today, I inspected crews working the Singer Island resort. Above is a shot I took from the pool patio looking to the Atlantic.

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