Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fresh Catch of the Day

Home in Port Charlotte; 60 degrees at daybreak, high of 78, beautiful

Worked today throughout Venice, Englewood, North Port and Port Charlotte.

Highlight of the day was lunch at the restaurant featured above. It is called The Fishery. They feature beautiful harbor views from your table. I was thrilled to FINALLY see dolphins playing near the shoreline. I didn't have my camera during lunch and after I retrieved it from the truck, they were gone but it was still very cool.
The Fishery featured fresh shrimp, caught in Charlotte Harbor overnight, and served the next business day. It was terrific. My colleague and I each had a grouper and shrimp basket, with fries and hushpuppies, and diet coke. Tax and tip was $42. Not bad, considering the portions and the entertainment. They also had lunch specials for as little as 9 bucks.
After work, I went to Sams Club for Corona. I got home and motivated myself to go work off the lunch by doing 45 minutes in the pool. These are very low impact workouts, but I feel so good about doing it. My bride says she is going to get back on her workout routine tomorrow, as well. She has always been much better than me about exercise (and it shows).
Tomorrow I have to wake up at 4 AM to drive to Naples for a day of field inspections. This weekend it will be 80 degrees. I am definately heading for the beach. The toughest decision is.... which one?

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