Monday, January 14, 2008

Conjugal Visits

My bride is in SOFLO. It's so great to see her and have her here by my side. It's a preview of what is to come. I had to work on Monday but she will come with me on Tuesday and see Longboat Key and that beach where the crook was shot at lunch. lol
We are trying to set up a showing of Golliwobbler but John and Mary might have to make an emergency trip out of town. Let's hope not.

While here, we will see Burnt Store Marina, Fishermens Village, Boca Grande Pass and Gasparilla Island. I am so looking forward to showing her around.

We had a strong rain storm move in yesterday with a cold front. It was still shorts weather today, but tomorrow morning we'll need windbreakers. It should get into the 40's overnight and the upper 60's on Tuesday. The nice thing is it doesn't last for long. We are looking to be back to the mid 70's by late week.

We had some tasty salmon for dinner tonight. Good stuff.

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