Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Week 1 in SOFLO; Gulf Coast

Sunrise over Sarasota Bay, December 4, 2007
That first week consisted largely of meet and greets at my new branch operations for work. My associate, Ken, drove me around that portion of my territory. I had operations on both the Gulf and Atlantic sides so this week would be part 1.

We went to a gulf side resort island called Longboat Key. I had been told this was one of the most beautiful and tropical places I would see. It was both. The island is about 1/2 mile wide by about 3 miles long. The west side has the Gulf and the east side has Sarasota Bay. The beaches here are sugar like, white sand, very clean. It was peaceful, serene and gorgeous . . . right up until the moment the police shot a guy on the beach!

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