Monday, January 28, 2008

Something fishy going on

Home in Port Charlotte, awoke to a cold front at 45 degrees. Hit a high of 71 today still.

After work today my new friend and neighbor, Pete from Buffalo, took me fishing on the Punta Gorda pier, on the banks of the Peace River. Now that's exactly what I needed after spending last week REALLY REALLY missing boating. I caught 7 and he caught 6, although he landed the largest. None were worth keeping but it was a great time for both of us. We caught mangrove snapper, whitting, and spotted sea trout.

It was fun to see the sea gulls dive bombing for our live shrimp. One got hooked by some other people's hook and the poor little guy struggled to get loose. He finally worked himself off the hook, but he must have been bleeding because instantly an ospery appeared and chased him all around the air trying to eat him. Pete says the ospery won't normally attack the gulls, but because this one was wounded, the ospery sensed a weakness and the preditory nature kicked in. I have to say it was pretty cool to watch nature in action. The wounded gull ended up escaping.

Tomorrow I have to travel to Fort Myers for a days work. After work, I will tour this Tommy Bahama Beneteau 423 I've had my eye on, online, for a long while. No new action on the house to report.

In talking with Buffalo Pete, I learned he and his wife rent their condo behind me for $1,500 a month, 3 months every year. I didn't tell him what I stole mine for. It's nice to be reminded of litttle blessings like my condo, though. I'm very lucky to have this place.

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