Friday, January 18, 2008

Working for the weekend

Home on the Gulf Coast; high of 80 today, low lying fog most of the day.

I had to work today. I finally got to see my only remaining unseen branch operation, in Fort Myers. I had a nice lunch with a colleague at a chain sports bar called, Beef O'Bradys. After work I went home to my bride and enjoyed dinner and a home movie, "Master and Commander, The Far Side of the World." Great Russell Crowe movie about the british war naval captain, John Aubrey. The movie is set in 1805. If you haven't seen it, see it.

We were briefly interrupted by John, the Captain of Golliwobbler. If you are following along, you will recall he had to go to Houston for a preventative check at the cancer center. I am happy to report all is well under the circumstances. John has invited us to come see Goli tomorrow. Kathy is thrilled to get a chance to step aboard my ship of dreams. We are planning dinner with John and Mary on Pine Island. John revealed that his broker is actually showing Goli to another prospective buyer tomorrow. Meanwhile, we are waiting to sell our house before we can buy anything. I'd be lying if I didn't have my fingers crossed that she waits for us. Oh well, like my bride say . . .Everything happens for a reason.

Speaking of our house for sale; we got another showing today. This was the first showing since 12/23. I'm running out of fingers to cross. We will shoot some pics to post tomorrow.

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