Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday morning coming down

Home in Port Charlotte; 69 degrees, cloudy

It was a long week on the road. I hit Jupiter, West Palm and Homestead. Friday morning I had to wake up at 3AM to be at Homestead by 545. The day ended at 3PM and I had another 3 hour drive back to the Gulf coast. Yesterday was laundry and recovery day. Launder my clothes, recover my sanity. I went to West Marine (boat store) and got a magazine so I could vaguely remember what boating is like. I signed up two free classes next month; salt water fishing lure presentation and GPS 101.

Last week we had showings # 15 and 16 at the Phoenix house. Yesterday, both prospects came back for second visits with their wives. No offers yet, but it's encouraging that the showings have resumed after the holidays.

Yesterday Pt. Charlotte had a high of 76. I braved the water at my condo pool and did 30 minutes of exercise. I'm not sure I can repeat the pool workout today because the high is forecast at 69. I will try to go on a long walk. Geeze, I can't believe the number of weight loss commercials the TV shows have here. I suppose it's a good reminder to get up off the couch.

I made bacon and eggs for breakfast and spent the morning watching a variety of boating and fishing shows. I'd sure like to get out on this water. One of my neighbors at the condo, Pete, is a retired guy from New York. He doesn't have a boat here but he goes out fishing from the piers and shores around Charlotte Harbor. He invited me to go out with him sometime and although I don't have any of my gear here, he said he'll let me use his. I will have to take him up on that.

I'm going to California on business next month, so I will spend the weekends before and after that trip with my bride. I'm going to check into shipping my fishing gear out here when I go. The FL fishing laws allow residents to fish from shore, piers, bridges, etc. without a license. That's pretty reasonable. Charlotte Harbor is known for having the world's best Tarpon fishing. March and April are the best months. I need to make friends with someone who will take me out Tarpon fishing. Everytime I see Tarpon fishing on TV, I am fascinated. They can go up to 200 pounds and they fight like hell. You have to buy a $50 Tarpon tag from the state, that's how valuable these game fish are in these parts. The cool thing is you can get to them in minutes after launching your boat. Red Snapper looks fun too, but you have to go out 9-12 miles into the Gulf to find them. Someday . . . someday.

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