Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Return to Burnt Store Marina

Today I showed my bride Burnt Store Marina (see prior post for pics). We both agree this is much better suited for liveaboards. We saw a few boats for sale and made arrangements to tour them. We started with a Sea Ray 370 Motor Yacht. It was too small to live on. We then went to a Silverton 405 MY. At 43', it was a better candidate. Extremely clean and bright, especially for a 1998. I have posted a picture above. We then went to see a 52' sailboat and came to the conclusion that monohull sail vessels are not for us. The cabin is just too dark and dreary, compared with motor vessels. Kathy commented she can't wait to see Golliwobbler. I sure hope we get too. John and Mary had to make an emergency trip out of town until Friday night. We are shooting for Saturday.

We had a wonderful meal at one of the restaurant's at the marina, "Porta Bellos at Latitudes." It was very nice. We aren't used to getting happy hour drink specials at marinas. NICE. The food was fabulous and the prices were reasonable. We went to watch the sunset over Charlotte Harbor but missed it but THAT MUCH. Oh well, since we are going to be living here, I'm pretty sure there will be other chances.

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